Level Up Your Business Fashion Style at the Building Bosses Boutique Pop-Up Shop

Just in time for Women’s History Month, Detroit entrepreneur Renee Nesbitt is hosting a pop-up shop for business professionals. On March 13, 2021, the Building Bosses Boutique Pop-Up Shop will take place at 14400 Wyoming St. in Detroit. Professionals will have the opportunity to network with other business professionals and shop at the new boutique.

Launching on 313 Day, Renee says Building Bosses Boutique is not just a casual clothing boutique. “The name also stands for Building Bosses,” she explains. “I will educate on how to dress for success the affordable way by holding virtual and in-person boot camps.”

Renee has great experience as an entrepreneur. She holds a degree in business management and she has eleven years of experience in the banking industry. She is also an experienced branch manager/vice president, mentor, and a small business expert. The Detroit professional is also a member of the African American Initiative and Women Building Women Group.

“During my eleven years, I’ve crossed paths with women that purchased suits to business casual clothing as expensive as $1,500 or more,” Renee says. “Society has structured the world to believe in order to look like a Boss or look [like a]professional, you must spend an excessive amount of money or only purchase designer clothing.”

Renee says this isn’t true at all. Professionals don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to “show the world you can dress like a boss!” This is why she created her new business Building Bosses Boutique. She wants to educate professionals on how to look their best and rock the latest fashion trends for an affordable price. 

You can get the latest “BOSS STYLES” at Renee’s new boutique and discover more about her business on 313 Day at the pop-up event. Sizes petite to plus will be available.

Renee is also offering a professional boot camp to help educate business owners on various topics.

  • credit readiness to advance your business
  • how to register your business
  • marketing best practices
  • information on resources and grants for businesses

Follow Building Bosses Boutique on Instagram for the latest updates! Special thanks to Renee Nesbitt for sharing her exciting news on the launching of her business.

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